Duct Cleaning vs Furnace Cleaning

Prestige is a special place, and one of the things that adds to our originality is that what most of North America refers to as “duct cleaning”, we refer to as “furnace cleaning”. When we talk about furnace cleaning, we use this as a general term to refer to the cleaning of your entire heating system, which includes duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, and, if you have them, cleaning of your air conditioning coils, and heating recover ventilator.

Most of the work that we do while we are in the home is actually the duct cleaning – we hook up our vacuum hose in the furnace room, to both the hot (supply) and cold (return) sides of your system separately, and then we use high pressure air and our brushless, contact Roto-Whip™ in every duct to ensure that dust and debris is knocked free, before travelling down to the vacuum where it is sucked out of your system and into our truck.

In order to ever perform a thorough cleaning of your furnace, a thorough duct cleaning is necessary, because the air which is pulled to your furnace through the cold air side, and then heated and pushed to your hot air vents carries dust and debris with it. If we were to clean only your furnace, or only a partial cleaning of your ducts that dust and debris would continue to make its’ way through your system, into the air, and eventually back down to the furnace. Duct cleaning is a big and important part of what we do to keep your heating system and your air clean!

Roto-Whip™ SystemSafe Cleaning

At Prestige Furnace and Duct Cleaning we use the Roto-Whip™ SystemSafe furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning method to deliver the direct surface contact cleaning benefits of old-style brush cleaning combined with the safety of modern pneumatic cleaning systems. Unlike conventional air-wand or brush cleaning, the Roto-Whip™ system penetrates deep into your duct system without the risk of damaging internal components or closing pre-set dampers and adversely affecting system airflow. Prestige Duct Cleaning offers only one method of furnace cleaning to our customers because we do not believe in providing a service that is lower than our highest standards. Our only method is our best method, no extra charge!

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Before The Cleaning Begins.

After covering their shoes with a clean, new set of boot covers your Prestige Duct Cleaning tech specialist will complete a thorough inspection of your system before the cleaning begins. Every home is unique and it is very important that your tech specialist examine your situation so they can proceed with the safest and best approach to your individual furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning requirements. Once the inspection is complete your Prestige Duct Cleaning Tech specialist will carefully explain the work that will be performed before it is done.

The Prestige Duct Cleaning Process.

  • Multi-Point System Check™ is performed.
  • We clean the Furnace Blower and Blower Housing.
  • Sealed Access panels are created.
  • Drop sheets and register covers are used as necessary.
  • System is cleaned in “zones” using Roto-Whip™ safe cleaning method.
  • 150-200 PSI Roto-Whip™ is used in every duct.
  • Furnace is tested for ignition and fan operation.
  • The outside of your furnace is wiped down.

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